Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spanky Ham

This was requested by a man at work. He absolutely loves him. He is Spanky Ham from the cartoon Drawn Together. Known for his cantankerous ways he's one of my favourites. This is a free pattern again. All I ask is that you give credit to where you go the pattern and hopefully more will continue coming. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

4 mm
worsted weight

sc-single crochet
2dec-sc 2 in one, (decrease by one)
sl-slip stitch
bo-bind off
sc3tog-sc 3 together (shoulder)

magic cir 6 pink
1. sc 2 in each - 12
2. sc1, sc 2 in 1 - 18
3. sc2, sc 2 in 1 - 24
4. sc3, sc 2 in 1 - 30
5-8. sc round - 30
9. sc 3, 2dec - 24
10 . sc 2, 2dec - 18
11. sc 1, 2dec - 12
12. 2dec round - 6
13.2 dec until closed bo

Ears and nose: make 3
ch 3
slip into first, pull tight bo

with red ch 15, sl into first ch
1-8. sc round
changed to pink
9. 2dec round
10. sc round
11. 2dec until closed

starts at bottom of shirt
with red ch 25
ss to join in first
1-10. sc round
11. sc 4, sc3tog, scp9, sc3tog sc8
12. sc3, sc3tog, sc9, sc3tog, sc9 bo leaving long tail
whip stitch along to the top to close
leg:with pink join at ch1
1-3. sc round
4. sc3, ch3, sl stitch at opposite end of the body to create crotch
5-8. sc round
9. 2dec until closed bo
stuff body and leg

Other Leg:
start at last sc before ch
5-8. sc round, stuff
9. 2dec until closed

ch 30 sl into first ch
1-5. st round
6. ch 5, sl stitch at opposite end of the body to create crotch
7-9. sc round bo
other leg join at last sc before ch
7-9. sc round bo

for eyes I hot glued felt into place
with black yarn place butt crack, eyebrows, and mouth
sew head to body
sew ears and nose to head

any questions or clarifications please let me know. I taught myself how to do this and kinda follow my own logic which unfortunately doesn't always translate into print.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Makka Pakka

My first first free pattern is the ever adorable Makka Pakka from In the Night Garden. He was a present for my 1 year old nephew who absolutely adores this show. In fact, it was the first show he new how to say all the characters names. Remember he's free to make. This is a completely original pattern, I made it from three source pictures. Let me know if you have any questions about it. When making my amigurumis I use a magic circle (aka adjustable loop) you can use whatever method you like though. Sorry for any mistakes.

Any worsted weight yarn (bernat oatmeal supersaver was the closest colour that I was able to find) and a worsted weight dark brown
eyes I used embroidery floss, dark brown and white
4.0mm hook

2dec - 2 sc together
sc - single crochet
ss - slip stitch
ch - chain
bo - bind off
* to * repeat action

magic circle - 4
1.*2sc in each* - 8
2.*1sc, 2sc in next* - 12
3.*2sc, 2sc in next* - 16
4.*3sc, 2sc in next* - 20
5.*4sc, 2sc in next* - 24
6.*5sc, 2sc in next* - 28
7. sc round - 28
8.*5sc, 2dec* - 24
9.*4sc, 2dec* - 20
10.*3sc, 2dec* - 16
11.*2sc, 2dec* - 12
stuff firmly
12.*1sc, 2dec* - 8
13.2dec unstil closed

magic circle 6
1.*2sc in each* - 12
2.*1sc, 2sc in next* - 18
3.*2sc, 2sc in next* - 24
4.*3sc, 2sc in next* - 30
5.*4sc, 2sc in next* - 36
6.*5sc, 2sc in next* - 42
7.-9. sc round - 42
10. *6sc, 2sc in next* - 48
11.*7sc, 2sc in next* - 54
12.-22.sc round - 54
23.*5sc, 2dec* - 42
24.*2dec round*30
this is where the legs start, the next steps are the crotch
ch6, skip next 12 st join in 13 sc with ss
ch1 turn sc 6 join with ss to body
ch1 turn sc 6 join with ss to body
sc round five times
back loop stitch round
2dec until closed
stuff leg and body firmly

Second leg
pick up stiches from ch1
sc round 5 times
stuff firmly
2dec until closed
Sew Head to Body

Arms make 2
1.*2sc in each* - 8
2.*1sc, 2sc in next* - 12
3.*2sc, 2sc in next* - 16
4-10 sc round - 16
stuff sew to body

Tail and Ears make 4
dark brown
magic circle - 4 bo
light brown
magic circle - 8 bo
dark brown ch2 slin first bo
sew all three togther
sew to head and backside

Embroider mouth and eyes according to source pic

Again, I hope this all makes sense. You can always e-mail me for any clarifications, I had to experiment with the crotch and the ears.

New to This

Well, I'm starting this blog to get my name out there a little more. On this I hope you will find many things you find interesting. My aim is to put up some interesting patterns, pics and news updates for my very small, but growing small business. I hope to one day do this full time, but that's a long way off. I hope you will like what you see and pass around any info you find interesting. I only ask that if you do use a pattern, or wish to have something you see on here you let me know. All the free patterns are up for any use. I would appreciate a small mention of where and who you obtained the pattern from. I hope you like what you will come to see on here.